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AEC is a recognized leader in the writing of technical publications. Many of the manuals and documents we publish are used to support the Private Sector, Airlines, Military, Government, and many others.

Who We Are

AEC is a group of people who form a complex and adaptive team of problem solvers for multiple industries. Our focus is on the world of challenges presented by documentation, from good procedural writing to clear graphic presentation. We use a wide array of software platforms and specifications to help our customers communicate with their product end users or vendors. We enjoy an environment that honors these values:

  • Passion – We engage our work, each other, and our customers with a spirit of joy and enthusiasm.
  • Integrity – We strive to have an uncompromised commitment to moral and ethical principles.
  • Accountability – We accept ownership and responsibility for our actions and learn from the results.
  • Excellence – We make continuous improvement in everything we do for all stakeholders.
  • Respect – We value all people and treat them with honor and dignity.

We do this for people because we want to help make lives better. We work each day to contribute in a positive way to the lives of our team members, customers, and members of our communities.

We do this for processes because we want to makes things work better. We grow ourselves and the business through our commitment to continuous improvement.

We do this to create value in the world. Our experiences and knowledge have the ability to make technical information work better for those who need it, when and where they need it.

How We Work

AEC is a team of teams.

  • We employ concepts from Lean and Agile in our day to day work. Because we are neither a classic manufacturer nor a software development firm, we frequently innovate process along the way and modify existing concepts to better work in our environment.
  • Teams work in ways similar to Scrum Framework.
  • Teams employ concepts of single-piece flow and Kanban.
  • Although we have remote work opportunities and remote offices, we communicate freely throughout the day through teleconferencing software.
  • We collaborate closely with our customers to promote clarity in scope of work and expected performance.
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