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R4i ReViewer Discounted 20% All November

Here’s another way to save money with S1000D. Get a 20% discount on R4i Reviewer so you can reduce your review times and get feedback directly to your authors and engineers.

Get more details here!

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Save Time and Money With 20% Off R4i Writer

Head on over to OneStrand’s website during November to get 20% off R4i Writer and to see helpful videos that will help you save time and money using the greatest S1000D software on the market.

Click here for more.

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Celebrating 20 Years By Giving 20% Off

Our sister company, ADG, is celebrating its 20th birthday and they are offering great discounts throughout the month of November. Congratulations to ADG and all it’s hard working and dedicated employees.

Click here to learn more.

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Don't Let Your S1000D Mogwai Turn Into Cost Gremlins

If you’ve ever purchased software, than you have probably discovered the hidden cost of software maintenance. Don’t be afraid, just follow some simple rules to keep yourself safe.

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An S1000D Halloween Mash

Bob has his new S1000D solution installed, running, and fully deployed. He’s so happy that he got treats instead of tricks, he decides to sing a Halloween song with an appropriate twist…

Click here to see Bob’s Markup Mash.

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Zombie's, Vampires, and Ghouls...OH MY!

If you’ve ever been promised a dream, but actually got a nightmare…

If the tech pub zombies and vampires are keeping you up at night…

If the simple S1000D solution you bought isn’t actually simple…

Who you gonna call?

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The Halloween Nightmare

Have you ever had a nightmare…in the day? Bob sure did. This week’s OneStrand blog tells the story of Bob and his publishing nightmare.

Click here to delve into the scary story.

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What Will Bob Choose?

Bob wants to get his software choice right the first time. He doesn’t want to face his Executive Team knowing he made a bad choice. See what he does here. Will he make the right choice?

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Got Technical Writers? We Do!

If your technical writing needs go up and down, but your staff count stays the same, we can help. OneStrand’s weekly blog covers that exact situation. Your crew and mechanics will appreciate your up-to-date documents.

Check this out for more!

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Don't Let The Bean Counters Stop Your S1000D Software Purchase

If you need help convincing your accounting department to invest in new S1000D software, then check out this week’s OneStrand blog. A simple change in how you purchase software might make a big difference.

Check out the blog post here.

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