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And technical illustrators…and drafters…and programmers…and, well, you get the picture. We’ve got a whole company full of technical staff that is available for you and your projects.

You might have a need for a tech writer for a large project, but don’t want the training expense or ramp up time to hire someone and then let them go. Or maybe you need an experienced technical illustrator for a few weeks. Perhaps you are trying to build your drafting company, but don’t want to hire someone full time until you have enough work to keep them busy all year.

Whatever the need, we can help you. We have the personnel with the technical skills that are fast, efficient, creative problem solvers, and build quality into their work.

We know how difficult it is to find great people, hire them, and hold on to them. No one wants to be hired for a project and then let go when the project ends. Heck, contractors can do that for you, but even they usually want steady work.

And then you also have a fluctuating work capacity need that you must monitor, prepare for, and respond to. You might be swamped one month, and then dry the next.

This is exactly where we can help. We want to grow our business by helping you grow your business. Let’s walk through a few examples to show you what we mean.

Example 1 – The Big Job

Let’s say you are in a medium to large sized business that has existing technical writers and illustrators in a publications department. Your company wants to hire more staff for a big job that’s heading your way.

You can put out job ads and post open positions around the net, wait for responses, setup interviews, and go through the entire on-boarding and training process. That requires a lot of time and energy and takes your focus off your current work. And think about what might happen when that big job is finished. Will there still be enough work to keep everyone busy?

Maybe that big job is already here, and you are scrambling to get someone hired and trained up. What do you do until then?

Don’t panic, we can help. We can get qualified technical writers and illustrators with industry experience on your project within weeks or sometimes days. Need them onsite for some initial training? We can send them to you, too.

When that big job finishes, or you get that new person hired and trained, and you don’t need us anymore, we will stand down and be ready for your next call.

You met your customer’s needs and got to that next level. We got to help you out and establish a new relationship with your team. That’s a big win-win for everyone.

Example 2 – The Lone Ranger

In this example, you own your own drafting company and you keep yourself plenty busy. You don’t have any employees, but you want to grow your business.

If you take on more work, you might bury yourself so deep that you miss deadlines and upset your customers. If you hire someone, you don’t know if you will have enough work to keep them busy long term.

In both those cases, we can help. We will partner with you to provide you the drafting resources you need when you need them. If you get an influx of work from a customer, don’t tell them no. Instead, be their hero.

Accept the work and then give us a call. We will provide the expert drafter you need to take on the extra work so you can solve your customer’s needs. You will save the day and make money doing it, all while avoiding the dreaded 80-hour work week. Your friends and family will thank you.

As you continue to get more work than you can handle, you will reach the point where it will make sense to hire on an employee. You’ll have the steady flow of work you need to keep them busy and you can dial down the work you send to us (though we think you’ll find many other reasons to keep the partnership going!).

You will have grown your business while keeping your current customers happy. When you need us again, we’ll be here for you.

Example 3 – The Disappearing Room

We’ve heard and seen this one happening everywhere. Your company is downsizing and is getting rid of most of its technical writers, illustrators, drafters, editors, etc. Or perhaps the whole technical publications department is being tossed. Or maybe your company just doesn’t have any of these resources at all.

There’s still work needing to be done, but who’s going to do it. Will you count on a contractor who brings one skill set to the table? Will contractors have the experience, speed, and attention to detail that you need?

Turn to the team that has all the resources you need and is ready to go. If it’s a small job that needs some writing and illustrating, we can do that. Perhaps you landed a job that had a hidden 3D modeling requirement and you just don’t have the time to learn a new skill.  We’ve got that too!

Or maybe you just need a skilled drafter who can tear through a big job in a hurry while making sure quality checks are performed at critical points in the process. Yep, that’s also covered.

We’ll be here to support you when you get the work. When you don’t need us, we’ll be standing by sharpening our own skills and getting better at what we do so we can help you even better next time.

These three examples are not fiction. They are real situations that have happened in which we were able to help. We’ve designed our company to help your company. Our team members can help your team members. We’re that secret weapon you’ve got waiting in the wings when you need us.

We want to help you grow your business by helping you find and keep good clients. We’ll help you take on the work you can’t do today, so you can be successful tomorrow. We’re your technical resource relief valve. We’ve got the speed, expertise, and quality you need for all your technical publication and engineering support jobs.

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