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FrameMaker Tips

Aligning Objects

Call me a neat freak, but I like my graphic callouts to be all lined up and orderly. It’s easy to do and just takes a few clicks.

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Alignment Tools

There are two ways to choose alignment: the Align palette and the Quick Reference bar buttons. (Examples below are from FrameMaker 7.2.)

The Align palette allows you to choose both Top/Bottom alignment and Left/Right alignment at the same time.

Aligning Multiple Objects

Aligning multiple objects (graphics, lines, text boxes, etc.) just takes a few clicks, but pay attention to how you select the objects!


If you want to align multiple objects quickly, position the top (or bottom, or side) object, then drag to select all of the objects except the one you just positioned. Shift + click on the positioned object to select it as well, now choose your alignment method. All the objects will align on the positioned object.

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