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Beware When Pasting Cross-References

It’s often easier to paste content than to retype it. If you are pasting content that includes cross-references, the cross-references will connect to the original file unless you update them.

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When you create a cross-reference, you are embedding the path to the reference. If the cross-reference is to another file (known as an external cross-reference), the path includes the file name and the location of the file which holds the reference. If you copy and paste a cross-reference from another file, the path will remain to the original file, which may belong to another project.

In an IPC, it’s okay to copy and paste vendor refs within a project because they all reference the same Vendor List file. However, if you copy and paste from another IPC project, the refs will link to the original IPC’s Vendor List file. To check this, hold down crtl+alt, then click on the cross-reference. Now check the footer of the file that opened to make sure it’s for your project. If it goes to the wrong file, you need to delete the current cross-reference and insert a new cross-reference to the correct file.

To check an entire book, you can generate a list:

  1. With the book file active, go to Add > List of > References…
  2. Double click on External Cross-Refs to move it to the left side, click Add.
  1. In the Update Book window, make sure the only file in the Generate box is the new LOR file, click Update.
  1. Open the new file to view the list of external cross-references.

Note 1: The number at the end of the entry is the page of the document that contains the link.
Note 2: Hold down crtl+alt and click on the entry to jump to the cross-reference.

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