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FrameMaker Tips

Book Files, Part 1

AEC uses book files for nearly every manual we produce. Here are some helpful tips in a 3 part series.

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Relevance: Most Manuals

A book file is a special FrameMaker file that ties several files together so you can work with them as a unit. A book file contains the filenames of the documents that make up a book and generated files such as a table of contents. The book file also contains pagination and numbering settings for each file in the book. When you update the book, FrameMaker updates generated files, numbering and cross-references throughout the files.

Creating book files

You can create a book file from any document that will be in the book. Once a book file is created, FrameMaker provides special menu commands for working with it.

To create a book file:

  1. Open a document, and then choose File > New > Book. An alert message asks if you want to include the document in the book.
    A new book window appears showing the contents of the book.
  2. Use File > Save Book As to save the book file.

Adding files to a book

When you add a file to a book, the file’s name and location are added to the book file, and a link is established between the file and the book.

There several ways to add a file to a book.

  1. In the book window, choose Add > Files or click the Add files icon.
  2. Select the document file or files you want to add to the book, then click Add.


  1. Drag files from another book window or an Explorer window into the book window.
    You can drag multiple files at once, however, whichever file you drag from will be at the top of the added files in the book. Usually this means that if you don’t drag from the top file in the window, the files will be out of order in the book. See the following example.

Working with files in a book window

In a book window, you can open, save, rearrange, delete and print files.

To open files from a book window:

Do one of the following:

  • To open one file in a book, make sure only the file is selected and double-click it. You can also select the filename and press Enter. If you’re working with a structured document, double-click its element bubble in the Structure View.
  • To open several files in a book, select the files you want to open and press Enter.
  • To open all files in the book, hold down Shift and choose File > Open All Files in Book.

Note: Using Open All Files in Book can be a time-consuming procedure if there are many cross-references or text insets to update in the files.

To close or save all files from a book window:

Do one of the following:

  • Hold down Shift and choose File > Close All Files in Book. All the components in the book are closed, but the book window remains open.
  • Hold down Shift and choose File > Save All Files in Book (the book file is also saved). The book and all the files in the book are saved.

To rearrange files in a book:

In the book window, select one or more files and drag the selected files to the desired position in the book window.

To delete files in a book:

  1. In the book window, select the file or files you want to delete.
  2. Choose Edit > Delete File from Book, or click the Delete icon Trash icon in the book window.

Using Revert to Saved Book

Choose File > Revert to Saved Book to return to the previously saved version of the book.

This command affects files that have been added or deleted, as well as settings that have been applied to documents in the book, such as numbering, pagination, color definitions, and file setup specifications. The contents of documents are not changed.

To print files from a book window:

  1. Do one of the following:
    • In the book window, select the file or files you want to print, and then choose File > Print Selected Files.
    • In the book window, choose File > Print Book.
  2. Specify printing options and click Print. All normal printing options are available except print range.

To print to file:

  1. Select File > Print.
  2. Select Print to File, and browse to the document you wish to print. The browse button allows the user to specify the Print to File location.
    Note: You can print book to a Single file or as Print separate print job for each file.
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