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FrameMaker Tips

Keyboard Shortcuts, Part 1

Keyboard shortcuts are a handy way to improve your efficiency. This edition of Tips contains keyboard shortcuts that relate to working with text. Please note that these shortcuts are for FrameMaker 7 and may not work with FrameMaker 10.

Category: Using FrameMaker

Relevance: All Manuals

Conventions for Shortcuts

Example Describes
Esc j c Press and release the Esc key, then j, then c
Alt+Control+u Hold down Alt and Control while pressing u
Esc Shift+h Shift+s Press and release the Esc key, then hold down the Shift key while pressing and releasing the h key and (still holding down the Shift key) the s key
Esc e x, Shift key+Delete Press and release the Esc key, then e, then x; or Hold down the Shift key while pressing the Delete key (The comma separates different ways to accomplish the task)

Paragraph Format Shortcuts

Use these shortcuts to format selected paragraphs or the paragraph containing the insertion point.

To Press
Apply a paragraph format Esc q p, F9, Control+9
Then type the first characters of the tag name and press Return
Center a paragraph Esc j c
Left-align a paragraph Esc j l (lowercase L)
Right-align a paragraph Esc j r
Justify a paragraph (left and right) Esc j f
Repeat last paragraph-related command Esc j j
Display Paragraph Catalog Esc o p c
Display Update Paragraph Format dialog box Esc o p u
Display the Character Catalog Esc o c c
Turn on hyphenation Esc j h
Turn off hyphenation Esc j n
Turn change bars on or off Esc c h, Control+Shift key+h

Editing Text

Use these shortcuts to format selected text.

To Press
Cut Esc e x, Shift key+Delete, Control+x
Copy Esc e c, Control+c, Control+Insert
Paste Esc e p, Control+y, Shift key+Insert, Control+v
Undo/Redo Esc e u, Control+Shift key+z, Control+z, Alt+Backspace
Quick-copy text Click where you want to put the copied text and then press Alt and drag through the text
Transpose characters Click between characters and then press Control+F9
Make selected text lowercase Alt+Control+l (lowercase L)
Make selected text uppercase Alt+Control+u
Make selected text initial caps Alt+Control+c

To select Do this
A word Double-click it
A word, then next words Double-click it and drag, double-click it and Shift key-click
Current sentence, then next Press Esc h s, press Control+Shift key+End
Current sentence, then previous Press Esc Shift key+h Shift key+s, press Control+Shift key+Home
A paragraph Triple-click it
A paragraph, then next paragraphs Triple-click it and drag, triple-click it and Shift key-click

To delete Press
Previous character Backspace
Backward to start of the previous word Esc k b
Backward to end of the previous sentence Esc k a
Next character Delete
Forward to end of a word Esc k f, Control+Delete
Forward to end of a line Control+Shift key+Delete
Forward to start of the next sentence Esc k s
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