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FrameMaker Tips

Paste Special

Depending on what you’re pasting, you may not want FrameMaker’s default settings. Use the Paste Special tool to modify the outcome.

Category: Using FrameMaker

Relevance: Unstructured Manuals

The Paste Special tool is in the Edit menu, or you can use the shortcut: ctrl + shift + v

The tool works with text and with graphics – whatever can be copied to the Windows clipboard, even if it’s from other software. The list of choices will change depending on what you’ve copied. The example above shows the choices when you copy text from a FrameMaker file. The Result box gives a brief explanation of the result of pasting using the current choice.

For text:

To remove formatting – choose Text

To keep formatting (for example, if you copy text from a Word file) – choose Rich Text Format


To quickly past text using the Text setting do the following:

  1. Use the shortcut: ctrl + shift + v
  2. Type the letter: t
  3. Then press the enter key
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