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Redirecting Cross-References

Changing a cross-reference that appears multiple times in a book can be a nightmare, you have to find and change each one individually.

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“I needed to update all XXXXX vendor cross-references with YYYYY. Since both already existed I couldn’t pirate the existing Tag. Searching by Format Name* would yield all of the Cage Codes.”

*Using the Find/Change setting to search for “Cross-reference of format:”.

Using Find/Change to change a cross-reference

  1. Make a backup copy of your files in case something goes wrong.
  2. Update all cross-references (alt + e + r) to make sure none are unresolved.
  3. In the source document (i.e. the Vendor List file), delete the XXXXX tag.
    This will create unresolved cross-references.
  4. With the book file active, go to Find/Change (alt + e + f)
  5. In the Find drop down list, choose Unresolved Cross-Reference.
  6. Click Find to find the first cross-reference to be changed.
  7. Double click on the highlighted text to open the Cross-Reference window.
  8. Set the new cross-reference. Click Insert.
  9. Copy the new cross-reference.
  10. Go to Find/Change, in the Change drop down list, choose By Pasting.
    The box next to By Pasting will remain empty.
  11. Click Find.
    FM will find the next unresolved cross-reference.
  1. Click Change.
    The unresolved cross-reference will be replaced by the new cross-reference.
    Once you have confirmed that the Find/Change operation is working as expected, you can use the Change All button to change all the rest of the unresolved cross-references at one time. If you’re a little more conservative, you may want to use the Change & Find button so you can confirm each change.



Change To Text will replace the Find item with text, but no other characteristics or formats will be changed.

Change By Pasting will paste whatever is on the pasteboard, so it will paste text along with formatting, markers, etc. You can even use Copy Special (alt + e + o) to copy paragraph tags and other formatting. This is helpful if you need to change all the zDate tags to zDate (Rev. A).

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