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Spelling Checker Options

All manuals must be spell checked before being released. Never fear! The Spelling Checker can be modified to make the check painless.

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Changing Spelling Checker options

When you spell-check a document, you can specify the kinds of typing errors for which you want to look. You can also limit the spell-check so that FrameMaker overlooks certain types of words. For example, you may want to overlook words that contain numbers (i.e. part numbers).

To change Spelling Checker options:

  1. Choose Edit > Spelling Checker and click Options.
  2. In the Find area, specify the kinds of typing errors you want to find. For example, select Unusual Capitalization if you want to find words with uppercase letters in inappropriate locations (for example, GReen).
  3. In the Ignore area, specify the kinds of words you want to overlook. For example, select Words with Digits if you want to ignore words that contain numbers.
    Keep in mind that the more words FrameMaker overlooks, the greater the possibility that your document will contain misspelled words. For example, if you choose to ignore words that are all uppercase, you won’t find misspellings in your callouts or titles.
  4. Click Set.

If you change the Spelling Checker options and then want to reset the default options, click Get Defaults. If you change the Spelling Checker options and then exit FrameMaker without resetting the default options, your current settings become the default options.

Rechecking after changing options

FrameMaker ordinarily rechecks only paragraphs that have been edited since the prior check. If you change options after spell-checking a document, you may want to run the Spelling Checker again after instructing FrameMaker to mark all paragraphs for rechecking.

To mark all paragraphs for rechecking:

  1. Make the appropriate document window or book window active. If a book window is active, select the documents you want to affect.
  2. Choose Edit > Spelling Checker. If a book window is active, choose Selection to affect only the selected files or Book to affect the entire book.
  3. Click Dictionaries.
  4. Select Mark All Paragraphs for Rechecking and click OK.

About FrameMaker dictionaries

When you spell-check a document, FrameMaker compares each word with the words in the following dictionaries:

  • The main dictionary—contains words found in a standard dictionary. You can’t add words to or delete words from this dictionary.
  • The site dictionary—contains industry specific and customer specific words. This is a custom dictionary built and maintained by AEC, it is kept on a server so all employees have access to it. If you would like to add a word or product name to the site dictionary, contact Vicki.
  • • Your personal dictionary—contains words you use often. Your personal dictionary should be directed to the site dictionary.
  • The document dictionary—contains words that are acceptable in a particular document. Unlike the other dictionaries, the document dictionary is part of the document rather than a separate file. Do not add to the document dictionary, any special words should be added to the site dictionary.
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