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Posted on: July 20, 2020 / FrameMaker Tips /

FrameMaker Tips

Wrapping Elements

This kind of wrapping is easier than you think…and it doesn’t require tape!

Category: Using FrameMaker

Relevance: Structured Manuals

If you need to change a procedure to make several steps sub to a new step, you don’t have to move the elements one by one, just wrap the elements.

Wrapping elements

  1. In the Structure View window, highlight the steps that need to become substeps.
  2. In the Elements catalog, highlight the Step element, then click the Wrap button.

The steps are now sub to the new Step element, but the structure is broken.

  1. Add a Para element below to the new Step element and type in the new text.
  2. Select the sub steps.
  3. In the Elements catalog, highlight the SubStep element, then click the Change button.

The structure will now be correct.

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