Mass Timber Digital Construction

With a continuous stream of new buildings, remodeling, and repairs, you need to build faster. Facing rising costs and a global shortage in skilled labor, you can’t simply add extra team members to get it done. How do you increase speed AND decrease man-hours spent without blowing the budget? Rather than a simple answer, it requires a whole new perspective and process. Enter Mass Timber Digital Construction: The process of adapting, creating, and using digital tools to improve the standard construction workflow – from design, through production, to delivery.

Core aspects of a Mass Timber Digital Construction mindset:

Accurate & Accessible Models

Accurate models, when shared throughout the team, keep projects tied together from concept, through development, and beyond. A precise and accurate model ensures that all stakeholders remain on the same page and respond to changes together, no matter how complicated the overall project.

AEC Mass Timber Digital Construction teams are able to incorporate any amount of product data into a single cohesive model, enabling you to focus on what you do best.

Look Ahead

An accurate model is great, but it doesn’t help if it isn’t buildable. Most construction projects are plagued by unplanned events… those moments when things don’t line up, don’t fit right, or are just plain wrong. With an accurate 3D model, you can look ahead – walking through every step of the construction process and identifying those errors without leaving an air-conditioned office or spending a dime on materials.

In addition to creating the models for you, AEC teams are trained to constantly consider the buildability of a project. If we identify anything that seems out of place or doesn’t appear to work right, we let you know BEFORE you build it.

Look Back

Each new project brings unique challenges and requirements, but that doesn’t mean you have to start from scratch. With digital models, you can draw from previous projects to accelerate the creation of the next.

What does this mean for you? AEC will maintain a database of customer requirements and data – the more projects we do for you, the more efficient we’ll be. You won’t have to “re-train” us each time.

Some of our Mass Timber Digital Construction Services:

  • Data Correlation & Integration – We’ll review the entire plan set and incorporate all the data into a single cohesive model. We’ll also identify any clashes or contradictions that exist.
  • Modeling – Once we’ve incorporated all the data from the architects and engineers, we will adapt the model to fit the production & fabrication capacities of the supplier – showing each piece that will be delivered to the job site.
  • Shop Drawings – We create and deliver a PDF set of shop drawings – showing the overall layout, as well as details of each piece that will be fabricated.
  • Redline Incorporation – Any comments or changes are integrated back into the model, and a new set of shop drawings are produced and delivered.
  • Fabrication Model – Once all stakeholders have approved the shop drawings, we deliver a model to the supplier, in the format best suited to their facilities & machines.
  • Delivery – The supplier delivers your completed pieces.
Installation Instructions
  • For some projects, you may want your team to know exactly what to do ahead of time. We can take the fabrication model and turn it into instructions for your team – either in step-by-step manuals / job cards, or even as an animated assembly video.
3D Scanning & As-Built Models
  • We team up with other industry experts deliver 3D Laser Scanning of any project. By capturing exact current conditions in a digital model, your team can eliminate guesswork and site visits.
    Our team can use 3D Scan data to create:


    • Virtual Tours / Fly-throughs
    • Exact Floorplans
      • 3D CAD / Revit models (including BIM 100-350+)
    • 3D Models of any component / system
Some of the software we’ve utilized:

  • Autodesk
    • Autocad (including Civil & Mechanical)
    • Inventor
    • Revit
    • Recap & Recap Pro
    • 3DS Max
  • Solidworks
  • McNeel
    • Rhino 3D
    • Penguin
    • VisualArq
  • SimLab 3D PDF
  • 3D Tool
  • Sketchup
  • Adobe
    • Illustrator
    • InDesign
    • Photoshop
  • GIMP
  • Cortona
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